Matt Fox and Paul Shriek, photo credit Graham Oliver OMG Photography Hexham

The Gallery is a selection of garments and prints featured in the show


Photo Credit

Graham Oliver and Donna Spence

(OMG Photography)



Amanda Hughes-Fletcher



Mr Hitchcock



Alan at Paul Mitchell



Andrew Hagan

From 'Marnie to Monster'

The Show is a tribute to the glamour of ‘suspense’ and the ‘immortality’ of classic Hollywood Screen Sirens, with the particular muses for the collection being ‘Tippi’ Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock’s suspenseful thrillers ‘Marnie’ (1964) and ‘The Birds (1963), Janet Leigh ‘Psycho’ (1960), Gloria Swanson ‘Sunset Boulevard’ (1950), and Elsa Lanchester ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ (1935). We have reinvented the ‘classic silhouettes’ inspired by costume designer Edith Head from 1959 to 1964 and combined them with digital prints to evoke an ‘homage’ to the movies we have selected.


“Our aim is to design clothing for the discerning eye of a woman who knows her identify. She lives a life where glamour is a reality and uses fashion as armour to create the illusion of a true ‘Hollywood Siren’ living in the 21st Century.”


SHRIEK Autumn/ Winter 2014


The garments within the collection showcase our design process and demonstrate our skills in design, research, digital print, tailoring, cut, make, colour, texture and above all ‘a distinct style’. The result is a capsule range of wearable statement pieces to make any head turn. All items in the show are for sale, if you would like to enquire about purchasing any of the garments please use our contact page..


Our Muse…


An individual who appreciates ‘ultimate glamour’ and understands the classic cut of a well made garment, enabling them to feel really good about themselves. Clothes can be a magical myth, an important illusion, and we invest in fashion to help us feel not only confident, but to look the very best we can.

‘This is glamour!... ravenous haute couture!’


The Show


From Marnie to Monster

17 July 2014


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