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The show represented the conclusion of Dansformation's dedicated research into the ‘lost’ dances of Northumberland, including 17th Century dance with a contemporary flavour and several lifetime experiences, looking back to go forward and create a new language through music and dance.


As  the costume creative team 'Fox and Shriek' worked closely with artistic director/ choreographer Emma Dunn to realise a range of costumes which were defined by prints developed from photographic imagery of the Northumberland coastline. The silhouettes were created to reflect the movement and emotion of this stunning environment. Matt Fox also incorporated satellite imagery of the night sky, depicting the summer solstice.


The final section of the dance piece is an exuberant celebration, which was interpreted by us using an homage to Arcimboldo to create a cornucopia of indulgent images printed on silk velvet contrasted with hand dyed silk velvet crushed and deconstructed to create a forgotten decadence.


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All images and designs copyright to 'Fox and Shriek' with exception to photographs individually credited