Specialists in unique and bespoke theatrical costume and set design.


A chance meeting in summer 2012 provided an opportunity for Paul Shriek and Matt Fox to start a creative collaboration.


When asked by Mr Shriek  “ What is it that makes you excited  as an artist?”

Mr Fox quickly replied “ the relationship  between fashion and pornography…”

Mr Shriek laughed and said “ he gets it!... Fashion is ‘all’ about selling sex.”...


An agreed enthusiasm to collaborate on fabric print ideas for a commission to costume Scheherazade for The National Dance Company of Wales started a process of working together which has now resulted in Fox and Shriek.


The connection between the two has become a strong friendship and a creative ‘tour de force’.


Tightly united with a sharp insight and vision for realising the potential of original research into stunning, dramatic theatrical sets and costumes through which artists and actors can bring the...


...‘illusion of a visual performance to life’.



All images and designs copyright to 'Fox and Shriek' with exception to photographs individually credited