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Flights of Fancy/ Hedfa'r Dychymyg

Flights of Fancy/ Hedfa'r Dychymyg was a dance production at the Park and Dare theatre, taking the audience and the performers on a journey through it's last 100 years and into the future.


Working with professional artists and hundreds of people from Rhonda Cynon Taf, Flights of Fancy explored the historical and cultural legacy of the Park and Dare theatre and what the future may bring.


A key part of Flights of Fancy was animating the building through dance specifically designed to give the public a new perspective of the building. Upon entering the building the audience were led through the theatre and areas of backstage the public rarely get to see, with different areas highlighted with vignettes of movement influenced by the last 100 years.


Flights of Fancy was a performance of two parts. The first, a community focused dance piece with over 100 performers made in five sections, five community groups were split into periods of 20 year blocks, 1913-1933, 1933-1953, 1953-1973, 1973-1993, 1993-2013.The design concept for the costumes was developed out of extensive research into the key historical, aesthetical and cultural events within each 20 years.


The second half, was a dance performance specifically created to celebrate the internal visual structure of the Park and Dare theatre and it's architect,  Jacob Rees who was also strongly linked to developing one of the first flying machines, created and choreographed by Phil Williams. The 25 minute long production animated the entire auditorium with dance and light, starting in the stalls and section by section moving up to the circle and gallery levels. The piece of work was performed to a new score commissioned by Welsh National Opera, composed by Jak Poore and performed by members of the WNO Max Orchestra.


Flights of Fancy, Park and Dare Theatre, Treochy, Wales 2013. Review by Kathryn Williams, WalesOnline.


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