Dick Whittington

In Spring 2010 Paul Shriek was invited to design and realise costumes for The Customs House, South Shields pantomime Puss in Boots then set and costumes for Aladdin 2011. The success of this collaboration has developed a working relationship with the theatre which is now in its fifth year.


The invitation to visit the City of Gottenburg , Sweden as part of a Cultural Exchange representing Pantomime as a theatrical format in February 2012 created an opportunity which resulted in a collaboration of artists from the city with the Customs House Pantomime team. As designers we were briefed to introduce a Swedish feel to the set with reference to landmark buildings in the cloth drawings.


The show concept was evolved out of the idea of a pop-up book and how the characters could be presented within that to create the Panto journey. The result was a very bold, colourful, ink splotted world of 2D with the actors providing larger than life 3D silhouettes.


The introduction of Charlie Hardwick as the voice of Fairy Bow Bells in the story meant that we had to create a fully working puppet based on a Ventroloquest dummy to interact with the rest of the cast. The making of images will be available soon within our creative process section on this web site.


Dick Wittington 2012 was the first time that Fox and Shriek worked as a Panto design team: Paul Shriek on set and Costume, Matt Fox on creating ‘The Fairy’ and show props.



All images and designs copyright to 'Fox and Shriek' with exception to photographs individually credited