Specialists in unique and bespoke theatrical costume and set design.


Every commission we start with ‘what colour is this show to be?…..’ initial research starts the process into  our design development and we select colour swatches from a wide spectrum of sources. Images that evoke the ‘feel’ of the project in all its aspects are important to us to stimulate our thoughts so that we can collate from a library of ideas in visual format into the direction we should go. Historical costume references are vital and the link into Fashion history and imagery is always a feast for background information. Fox and Shriek has a vast library of ‘real’ books on every subject you can imagine…we love books! Our archive of imagery is expansive and it is core to all our work as we educate ourselves constantly by this research development so that we can confidently pull all our ideas together and create our ‘magic’……

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Once we have selected our colour pallet we print colour swatch cards onto white optic cotton via a Digital fabric printer. This process is essential to our end fabric print as we reselect from these swatches by matching them with the original source for the colour so that we get a true printed colour of the pallet we have created. All our serious work starts from this point. We have a working show ‘colour’ and we now can create our ‘illusion’.


The first images we produce if it is for Panto are for the ‘Showcloth’ this has the title of the production on it and sets the style for the overall design. This is developed into all publicity and marketing branding so that the whole show has the ‘feel’ that it has come from the Fox and Shriek design studio.

A ‘Mood/Story board’ is created for each character this shows the colour and the inspiration for the source of the design development and the ‘feel’ we have for the actor to build on to realise onto the stage. All these boards become ‘The Book’ of design for the production which grows and develops as we move throughout the creative process.


It takes many weeks to create a bespoke Fox and Shriek fabric print. We produce images for the artwork from hand drawn and hand painted sketches and computer image in all aspects including 3D visuals reimagining this source research into our own unique style. Each fabric is created to reflect the ‘character’ of the story and through the colour pallet, which is the backbone of all projects, we link all the players together so that they work as one visual image to take the audience on a Fox and Shriek journey……

All costumes are created bespoke through toiles to realise the final costume. Often we make new ‘bodies’ for actors to wear underneath or as a part of their costume to bring to life our ‘vision’.


Wigs and headdresses are integral to our work and these are often produced in house or for Specialist designs we commission Wig Art to interpret our ideas and create stunning results.


At Fox and Shriek we constantly push to achieve new directions in our skills so that we are always learning and exploring our ‘craft’.



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